Idea Service FAQs

Postpaid Subscription

What is post-paid subscription?

A Post-paid subscription is one wherein you use the services first and get charged for the usage later at periodic intervals. The charges are based on the rates and rentals applicable on your selected tariff plan, which will be explained in detail in the monthly bill sent to you.

How do I get an Idea Cellular Post-paid connection?

To get a new Idea Post-paid connection,


Simply give us your details by clicking here and our executive will get in touch with you shortly


You can also visit the nearest Idea Service Centre. Our Service Centre staff will help you choose a tariff plan that suits your usage best. To locate the nearest Service Centre, click here


Get your documents ready:

  • A self-attested photograph
  • Self-attested copy of address proof Click here for list of POA
  • Self-attested copy of ID proof.Click here for list of POI
  • Keep your original documents handy for verification
  • Fill the Customer Application Form (CAF)
  • The CAF will be available at the Service Centre
  • Or our sales executive will carry the CAF

Finally, to get your connection active, complete the tele-verification by calling 59059 from your new Idea connection

Do I need to make any payment while starting a new Post-paid connection? Will this amount be refundable?

  • While starting a new post-paid connection, you will be required to pay a one-time activation fee and security deposit, as applicable.
  • The one-time activation fee is non-refundable.
  • The security deposit is refundable at the time of disconnection of Idea Post-paid services.

Why Idea Post-paid?

  • Enjoy complete flexibility with Idea Post-paid
  • No worrying about balance. No hassle of recharging your account. Just pay your monthly bills and continue using our services
  • Making bill payments is also made very easy with the multiple payment options available
  • Customized tariff plans, economical roaming options, data offerings that always keep you connected and the kind of network coverage that you can count on anywhere
  • So get an Idea Post-paid connection today!


Will I have the STD, ISD and Roaming facility on my Idea Post-paid connection?

  • STD and National Roaming are default services provided with your new Idea post-paid connection.
  • You may request for activation of ISD and International roaming services at the nearest Idea Service Centre. There may be an additional billing address verification and/or deposit required for activation of these services.
  • There is no additional rental for the STD, ISD and National Roaming Services, however, for International Roaming, a monthly rental of Rs. 149 will be charged in your post-paid bill.

Pre-paid Subscription

What is pre-paid subscription?

A pre-paid connection is a ‘pay & use’ subscription service. With this subscription, you need to pay in advance to use the services by way of recharge, which provides you talk-time/ balance for usage. Pre-paid services allow you to control your usage as per your need.

How do I get an Idea Cellular Pre-paid connection?

To get an Idea Pre-paid connection, you can call the Idea Customer Care and request for a new connection. Our sales executive will call you with details of our latest offers and promotions. For Idea Customer Care contact details, click here

  • You can also visit the nearest Idea Service Centre or Idea Retailer;
      • Fill up the Customer Application Form.
      • Provide 1 passport size photograph
      • Provide a copy of valid Proof of Address (POA).Click here for list of POA
      • Provide a copy of a valid Proof of Identity (POI). Click here for list of POI
      • You will have to provide your original POA and POI documents for verification

You will need to carry your original POA and POI to the point of sale for document verification

You can also give us your request for a new connection by clicking here

How can I recharge my pre-paid account?

Visit our website, click on My Pre-paid after logging in with your credentials and click on Recharge My Number. Experience the freedom of recharging your account yourself, like never before.

You can also recharge your Idea Pre-paid connection through the following modes:

  • Purchase a recharge coupon from the nearest Idea Service Centre or any Idea retailer and follow the instructions mentioned on the coupon for recharge.
  • At any of the Idea Service Centres or Idea retailers, you can pay cash and have an immediate recharge done.
  • Idea Pre-paid recharge can also be done through an ATM of the following banks: Axis, Citibank-KIOSK, Corporation Bank, Dena Bank, Development Credit Bank, Deutsche Bank, Greater Bank, HDFC, ICICI, IDBI, ING Vyasa, SBI, Standard Chartered, Yes Bank

For how long can the Pre-paid card be used?


  • For pre-paid connections with lifetime validity (not applicable for Assam, NESA, Jammu & Kashmir), the connection will continue as long as you maintain the usage as per the product conditions. Pre-paid connections wherein there is no usage for a continuous period of 90 days are likely to get disconnected. You can avoid this by ensuring continuous usage on your Pre-paid connection.
  • In case of non-usage for a continuous period of 90 days, the validity can be further extended if you maintain a balance more than or equal to Rs 20. In this case, Idea will debit Rs. 20 from the Pre-paid account and extend the validity period by 30 days and the process will continue till the account balance is more or equal to Rs. 20.
  • If during this cycle, the account balance becomes less than Rs. 20, the number will be disconnected and cannot be used. However, you have the option to get the same number reactivated within 15 days of disconnection by paying reactivation charges of Rs. 20.
  • On the other hand, for pre-paid connections with a predefined validity period, you will be able to use your pre-paid number till the expiry date of the validity period. On validity expiry, you will be required to recharge with a denomination which provides further validity.


What is grace period? (Applicable only for Pre-paid customers from Assam, NESA, J&K)

  • On expiry of validity, if you do not recharge your pre-paid account, the number remains in a grace period for 60 days
  • If the account is not recharged with validity within the first 15 days of grace period, the balance if any, is forfeited
  • If the account is not recharged with validity, within 60 days, then the Pre-paid number will be permanently disconnected.

Can I recharge my Pre-paid account after the expiry of the grace period?

Once the grace period has expired, the Pre-paid subscription gets permanently deactivated. In this case, you will need to buy a new Pre-paid card and get a new Idea Cellular number since the old number can no longer be allotted.

Do I need to pay extra charges to avail STD and ISD services on my Pre-paid connection?

  • STD and ISD services are pre-activated on all Idea Pre-paid connections. You will not be required to pay any extra charges for activation of STD or ISD services.
  • STD and ISD call charges would be applicable as per your plan/ recharge.

How do I avail the roaming feature on my Idea Pre-paid connection?


  • Roaming services are also pre-activated on all Pre-paid connections. There are no additional charges for activation of roaming. While using your pre-paid connection in International Roaming, a monthly rental will be deducted from your pre-paid account balance
  • With a Pre-paid connection, you will be able to use the roaming service across India, except for Jammu and Kashmir.
  • For Pre-paid cards activated in Jammu and Kashmir, roaming services are not available.
  • To view the national and International roaming tie-ups click link


Data and GPRS

How can I use the GPRS service on my Idea connection?

  • GPRS services are ideally proactive on your Idea Post-paid and Pre-paid connection. In case you need to activate it, there are multiple modes through which you can make your request. Click here for more details on all GPRS and data services.
  • In addition to the services being active, GPRS will work on compatible handsets. Additionally, in order to use 3G services, your device should be 3G compatible as well. Click here to find out how to check if your device is 3G compatible and then click on 'Must haves'.
  • Once the service is activated, there are certain settings required on your compatible handset. Click here for detailed information about GPRS settings.
  • Based on your data usage, you can select the most suitable plan for your Idea number. Click here for plan details
  • To activate your GPRS or Data Pack, Click here

Happy surfing!

Post-paid Billing and Services

How do I make Payment of my bills?

You can make your bill payment through web self-care on our website under My Post-paid section, navigate to My Bills --> Current Outstanding. You may check your bill amount and pay online.

You can pay your Idea Post-paid bill using any one of these modes:
Credit Card
Credit Card Standing Instructions (CCSI) -  monthly bill amount directly debited through Credit Card
ECS - Monthly bill amount directly debited through bank account
Credit Card payments by calling the IVR. Dial 121/198/12345
My Account on the Idea website

Insta-Pay through the website - click here to pay your Idea Bills

Using Idea Money wallet  (

Get details on the various payment modes by dialing *121#, 198 or 12345 from your Idea number

  • You can also visit Idea Service Centres and pay through cash, cheque and credit card.
  • You can also give standing instructions from your bank account or credit card by registering for ECS/ CCSI. For registration, please visit your nearest Idea Service Centre.
  • Also, for more details on modes of payment available, you can dial *121#, 198 or 12345.

How do I get a duplicate Bill?


  • You can view your current and last 3 itemized Bills by visiting Click on My Post-paid and navigate to My Bills. From here, you can get the option to download your last 3 itemized bills and also get them emailed to you.
  • For hard copy of the duplicate bill, you can call Idea Customer Care 198 from your Idea Mobile. A Duplicate Bill will be dispatched to the billing address updated against your account.


How can I check the unbilled usage of my bill?

Unbilled info is available on the home page of Self Care on our website . Alternatively, you can Dial *121 *4# and go to self-care to know the unbilled usage of your connection.

When will I get my Idea bill?

  • A specific ‘bill cycle date’ is set for your Idea connection.
  • Your bill will be generated on this specific date each month.
  • Check your bill cycle date and other account related information through the website by clicking here


What is credit limit?


  • Credit limit is the usage limit defined by Idea for your Postpaid subscription in the bill cycle.
  • Credit limit intimated to you is summation of your usage and does not include any rental component.
  • Your initial credit limit shall be communicated to you by Idea within 7 days of your activation
  • Your credit limit will be updated on the bill received by you every month. Alternatively, it is available on your Post-paid self-care section by logging on to the idea website.
  • You can change the credit limit assigned to you by paying an additional deposit. This can be easily done by visiting the Self Care section on our website under the My Bill section in My Accounts. Make Payment by clicking on Add Deposit against Current Deposits details.
  • Alternatively, you can also visit the nearest Idea Service Centre.


How do I know the latest tariff plans?

  • Login to Self Care on our website and click on Current Post-paid Plan on the home page to know  about the latest plans
  • Dial *121*4# or 121 from your handset to know the latest tariff plans available.
  • Dial Idea Customer Care 12345 from your Idea Mobile to know latest tariff plans.

Can I change my billing address?

Yes, you can change your billing address. For this, visit the nearest Idea Service Centre, fill up the address change request form and simply provide the address proof for the new address. You will also need to provide a valid Proof of Identity and fill up the form and carry the original documents. The billing address would be changed subject to a positive verification at the new billing address.

How can I replace my SIM card?

You can get your SIM card replaced by simply visiting the nearest Idea Service Centre. You will need to present your original Photo Id proof and carry your old SIM card (except SIM lost). You will also have to pay charges as applicable. Charges for SIM replacement are circle-dependant.

Will all my old services be retained on my new SIM card?

Yes, all your existing services will be retained & continued on the new SIM card.

Can I block my Idea connection if I’ve lost the SIM card?

  • Yes, call our Idea customer care and we will block your connection.
  • You can also visit the nearest Service Centre. Carry your original photo ID for verification.
  • We recommend that you also get a replacement SIM card through the Idea Service Centre.

What is safe custody?


  • Safe custody allows you to deactivate your services in case you are not expecting any usage for a maximum period of 6 months
  • It allows you to prevent the connection from being deactivated due to non-usage
  • The benefit is that you will not be charged any rental during this Safe Custody period


What are the charges of Safe custody?

Safe Custody is charged @ Rs 50 per month plus GST. You can opt for safe custody for maximum period of 6 months.

How do I request for a Plan/Package change?

You can request for a Plan/Package change through the following modes:

  • Visit our website self-care section
  • Visit our Idea Service centre. To locate the nearest service centre, click here
  • Call our customer service desk at 198 from your Idea connection
  • Send us an Email. To know our E mail ID, click here

Please note that your new plan / pack will be changed in few hours and you shall receive SMS as confirmation when the change is implemented. Upon plan change you will be charged the rental for the new plan for full day and your tariff would change after you receive confirmatory message about plan change. Also, your roaming benefits will change as a part of new plan / pack, you may contact our touch point for more detailed information.

How do I opt for Itemized bill or a detailed bill?

There are three ways of doing it. You can request or activate itemized bill by visiting Click on My Post-paid and navigate to My Bills. Alternatively, you can visit the nearest Idea Service Centre and make a request for Itemized Bill. You can also call Idea Customer care on 198 from your Idea number and request for Itemized bill.


Can I use my Idea connection when I am travelling out of my local region?

Yes, you can use your Idea connection while travelling within India and abroad using our roaming services. This is subject to the availability of tie-up with the local network in that location.
There are mainly 2 types of roaming services we provide.

    • National Roaming - Enables you to use the Idea connection within India
    • International Roaming - Enables you to use the Idea connection while travelling outside India

How can I activate national roaming on my Idea number?

National Roaming is ideally activated by default on all Idea Post-paid and Pre-paid connections. In case you have deactivated the national roaming service, you can request for reactivation by following one of these methods:

  • From self-care, on the main menu, select my Post-paid and choose Manage services from the drop down. It displays a list of all services available. Select National roaming and click on Activate.
  • Call 198 (toll free) from your Idea number

What are the charges for National roaming?

  • Roaming rentals are not applicable for national roaming
  • Only standard roaming usage charges will be applicable when you roam on any of our Partner networks
  • For details of national roaming rates applicable, click here
  • Save up on your national roaming charges by availing roaming packs <link to roaming products page STV and PV>

In which places within India, can I use the roaming services?

  • Idea has one of the widest network coverage in the country, covering major towns and cities
  • This way you can stay connected with your family and friends wherever you are
  • To find the list of coverage areas, click here.

How can I activate International roaming?

Ideally, international roaming is activated by default on all Idea Pre-paid numbers. In case you have deactivated the international roaming service, you can request for reactivation by using one of the following methods:

  1. From self-care, on the main menu, select My Post-paid and choose Manage services from the drop down list. It displays a list of all the services available. Select international roaming and click on Activate.
  2. Call 198 (toll free) from your Idea mobile phone
  3. Visit your nearest My Idea centre. For nearest My Idea showrooms, click here

In addition to the above methods, activation of international roaming for Post-paid customers may require an additional verification and/ or additional deposits may be payable.

What are the charges for International roaming?

  • Roaming usage charges will be applicable based on the location where you are travelling in, the roaming network used and the kind of usage (local/ ISD calls, SMS, data usage)
  • click here for details on international roaming usage charges
  • A monthly rental will be charged for activating international roaming on your Post-paid connection. Pre-paid customers pay rentals only when using the international roaming service
  • What’s more, you can save upto 95% on Data and upto 80% on voice calls on international roaming rates by availing our international roaming packs. click here for details on the roaming packs

How will I know if my Idea connection will work when I am travelling abroad?

You can use your Idea connection while roaming internationally in all the countries where we have a tie up. For a detailed list of coverage areas and local networks we have tied up with, click here

How can I start using my Idea phone when I am roaming?

On reaching the roaming destination, you will automatically get network signals from the visiting network if present there. It may take a while (about 3 to 5 minutes) to latch on to a network.
If you do not get network automatically, you can do a manual network selection from your handset settings menu. For this, just select the manual mode from the network selection option in your handset menu and select the network we have a tie up with.

How can I contact Customer Care while roaming within India?

You can dial 12345 from your Idea connection when roaming using Idea network. Please note that the calls to the IVR are toll free while agent access will be charged at 50p/3 mins.


You can also call the 10 digit call centre number for your home region using a non-Idea number or a landline. This call would be charged as per STD call charges from the location and the number you are calling.


Will all my incoming messages be charged while roaming in India or abroad?

No, all incoming SMS will be free while roaming nationally as well as internationally. Though incoming calls and data download will be chargeable.

Do I require a special kind of handset while roaming internationally?

Your handset should ideally be compatible with the frequency of the network of the country you are travelling to.To check the network frequency click here

While roaming in Korea and Japan, make sure that your handset is 3G (2100MHz) compatible as networks in these countries offer 3G-only services.

Can I call Customer Care while roaming internationally?

Yes, you can call Customer Care while roaming internationally by dialling the 10 digit customer care number (short code 12345 will not work). Please note International Roaming charges will be applicable.

What are the charges for using GPRS/Data internationally?

While roaming internationally, GPRS is charged as per International roaming rates. Please note, Data usage is charged for upload as well as download.Click here for details of data roaming charges.

Why am I billed for roaming even when I have not visited any roaming location in the last billing period?

Roaming usages are charged in your bill based on the usage data sent by the roaming operator. Sometimes this roaming usage data is received post generation of your bill and hence it appears in your next month’s bill.

Any important information I need while roaming internationally?

  • Do remember to check if your handset is compatible in the country you are travelling to.
  • You can avoid unnecessary calls while roaming by using the roaming Dialer Tone. Find out more here
  • Call forward facility: We suggest you cancel the call forward facility when you´re Roaming:

1. When it is active, you are charged double ISD- separately for the incoming call and for diverting it back to the number that has been set

2. Certain international roaming partners do not support call divert

  • While on international roaming, you may not get the full number displayed on your handset for some incoming calls which could be due to any technical reasons and they will be displayed in your monthly invoice accordingly.
  • Remember to enter phone numbers according to the dialing pattern of the country or city you are in. To make things easier, store numbers in the international format. Eg: + 44 97 5632 3333 (+ followed by the country code, area code and the phone number)
  • Data Usage Charges during International Roaming would be applicable as per International Roaming Tariffs
  • To avoid excessive data roaming charges, enable your handset for “Data Roaming” only when you want to use Data services.
  • Regular activities of updating Facebook status, BBM, WhatsApp, downloading emails, may be restricted
  • While roaming with AT&T Cellular-USA, a charge is applied for unanswered mobile originated calls of duration greater than 29 seconds at applicable rates. While roaming with T-Mobile USA, charge is applied for unanswered mobile originated calls at applicable rates.

Additional GPRS charges may apply with some operators for connecting to the visited network even if there is no usage. This appears in the bill as charges against 0 Kb usages.

My Value Added Services

What are the Value Added Services provided by Idea (VAS)?

  • Idea provides a wide range of VAS you can choose from, to suit your needs
  • From news and games to email and messaging, it’s all available
  • Access the latest Ringtones, listen to prayers and devotional songs or get the latest Cricket scores.
  • These are services in addition to your basic telephony, SMS and GPRS i.e. Ring Back Tones, Mobile TV, Location Based Services, Sports and Infotainment Services, Missed Call Alerts, Online Gaming, Live Streaming, Mobile Money, etc.
  • Let your callers enjoy your choice of Dialler Tones and much more
  • click here


    to learn more about our world of VAS

How can I Activate/Deactivate any VAS?


  • Use the Self Care option by visiting the Idea website
  • Dial 121 from your Idea number and learn about all the VAS offered by Idea
  • Dial *121# from your Idea number
  • SMS START/STOP to 54300 and get a list of services
  • Dial 12345 for information/ 198 to request for VAS
  • Walk into the nearest Idea Service Centre

There may be other SMS/ calling numbers provided by our vendors/partners for activation of VAS


How do I check all the VAS Services on my number, How to activate new VAS?

After logging into the Self Care app using the USER ID and Password, you will get the homepage with the main menu options. Select My Value Added Services and click on subscription. You will get the list of all the services activated for your number. You can activate VAS Services by Clicking on Activate VAS

How will I know what VAS is activated on my connection?

You can get the list of all the VAS subscription on your number. Visit the web Self Care portal. Alternatively, send STOP as an SMS to 155223. You will get a list of all the VAS active on your number.

Call Management Services

What are call management services?

Call management services enable customers to manage their calls – receive intimation of incoming call numbers, be able to forward calls to other numbers and much more

What are the call management services offered by Idea?

  • Caller Line Identification Presentation (CLIP)
  • Call forward/ call divert
  • Call wait/ Call hold
  • Call conference

What is CLIP and how do I avail it?


  • With Caller Line Identification Presentation (CLIP) on your Idea connection, you can see your caller’s phone number on your handset screen. This gives you the benefit of accepting or rejecting the call.
  • In case the caller’s number is stored on your handset, you will also see the display name under which it is stored when the caller calls you
  • CLIP is active by default on all Idea Pre-paid and Post-paid numbers
  • Some calls might be received as “Private Number” as the calling party may have “CALLING LINE IDENTIFICATION RESTRICTION” facility
  • Every Caller Line Identification (CLI) is presented by “+” sign followed by country code. Hence CLI prefixed with +91 means the call is received from India.


Can I use the call conference service on my Idea connection?

Yes, you can avail the call conference service on your Idea number. With Idea call conference service:

  • you can talk with up to 5 different people at a time
  • Most of the latest handsets support Call conference. Please do check your handset manual for the same

How much will it cost to use the call conference service?

  • You will be charged simultaneously for all outgoing calls that you initiate while on conference
  • Your base calling rates, as per your tariff plan will apply for Conference calling.
  • Promo pack rate discounts on Local, STD, ISD, will also be applicable on all conference calls.
  • Monthly rentals may be charged for the service. Contact Idea customer care for more information

Additional deposits may be applicable for the service based on the discretion of the Idea Credit team

What is the Call Wait/Call Hold feature?

  • Call Wait allows you to get intimation of a second incoming call while you are already on a call.
  • Call Hold allows you to receive or make a second call by putting the first call on hold and also to swap between the two calls.

How can I activate the Call Wait/Call Hold feature on my handset?


  • Call wait/ call hold services are pre activated on your Idea number. In order to use the service, you will need to complete some simple settings on your handset
  • You can either select the correct options from the handset menu or by entering a generic code
  • To start , dial *43#
  • To stop, dial #43#


What are the charges for call wait/ call hold?

  • Call Wait/ call hold comes free of cost, without any additional rental
  • You will only have to pay for the duration that all dialled calls are on hold/ active

What is call diverting?

  • With the call divert service, you can now divert important calls to another mobile number or landline if you are unable to take a call in case: you miss a call, are busy, are out of reach or your phone is switched off. (Note: Call divert facility to Pre-paid customer and landline option is not applicable for AP customers)
  • The call can be diverted to numbers within the home network (not to STD/ ISD numbers)
  • While on roaming, call divert would work only when ( all calls are diverted/ unconditional divert ii) phone is switched off.

How can I activate call divert on my Idea number?

  • The call divert facility is activated by default on your Idea number.
  • In order to use the service, you simply need to activate it on your handset to set the conditions under which the calls should be diverted and the number to which they should be diverted to.
  • The call divert facility can be activated/deactivated from the handset by selecting the correct options from the handset menu.
  • Alternately, you can also use the following USSD codes to activate call divert from the handset.

To forward all calls:

  • to start, dial **21*number #
  • to stop, dial ##21#

To forward calls while you´re speaking to someone else:

  • to start, dial **67*number #
  • to stop, dial ##67#

To forward calls if you don´t answer the incoming caller within 30 seconds:

  • to start, dial **61*number #
  • to stop, dial ##61#

To forward calls if your cell phone is switched off or is out of reach:

  • to start, dial **62*number #
  • to stop, dial ##62#

To cancel all preset conditions:

  • dial ##002#

What are the charges for call divert?

You will not be charged for activation or deactivation of this service. All diverted calls will be charged as outgoing calls made from your Idea number to the diverted number

Other Services

Where can we find the option for Live Chat on the website?

  • In line with our commandment on Customer Centricity, we are excited to announce the soft launch of Idea Live Chat which can be used by both Idea and Non Idea customers. This digital initiative will offer immediate response to customer queries and will serve as one stop shop for all your Idea related queries.
  • You can access The Live Chat option at the payment confirmation pages of Online recharge and Express bill pay. Soon you will get the option available at Home page and self-care.

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